We are probably the last carpentry workshop in Singapore with extensive experience in Solid Wood Furniture.

Our carpenters, painters and tailors work hand-in-hand on all kinds of projects, including renovations for HDBs, Condominiums and Landed Properties.

We pride ourselves in preserving these traditional skills and methods, where workmanship and customer service matter more than anything.

Bespoke Furniture

There is a story behind each piece of furniture we ever manufactured. They are all unique, handmade, carrying their own idiosyncrasies through the grain of their wood.

We manufacture all kinds of furniture: dining tables, armchairs, bed frames or daybeds. We work on special carpentry projects for collectors or musicians.

Everything is customisable: design, dimensions, materials, finish. We carve, upholster and stain in our own workshop.

Where necessary, we go the extra mile with our partners to source the right fabric or component.

It is truly our privilege to deliver furniture for a lifetime – everyday.


We are a licensed contractor managing construction and renovation projects in Singapore.

We are passionate about landed properties. Our team led by an experienced Architect has built several bungalows and loves renovating houses.

They are able to strip down a house to its core while retaining its essence, and from there generating a whole new experience.

On the market on condominiums and HDBs, we leverage our skillset in carpentry to offer a one-stop service including design, manufacturing and installation.

We have plumbers and electricians in-house, but we have also built a network of trustworthy experts (air conditioning, smart home, swimming pool, etc) who give us a hand every time we need them.


Carpentry works can be a game changer.

A built-in or walk-in wardrobe bring luxury into a bedroom. But there is no shortcut. Measurements must be exact, and materials are critical.

Our designers, carpenters and project managers work hand in hand to deliver wardrobes and cabinets that fit perfectly into your home.

All our wardrobes and cabinets are made in Solid Plywood. For the rest, it is entirely up to you.

Everything is customizable, from shelves to drawer tracks – and with our wide range of high-pressure laminates, you can choose the right shade for you.

In terms of design, we can offer swing or sliding doors, with a glass panel or a mounted mirror, with a wooden or aluminium frame. We can offer standard of chamfered drawer fronts, install LED lights and even design a secret compartment.

There is virtually no limit to the features we can incorporate for you. This is the real meaning of custom-made furniture.

Refurbishing Reupholstery

We are firm believers that solid wood furniture should be refurbished, revarnished, reupholstered.

Our carpenters are happy to help and fix dining chairs where the joins are getting lazy. They can replace damaged parts, apply a new wood veneer or even alter the design to get that modern touch.

Our varnishing experts do wonders with the pieces that are entrusted in them. After several cycles of sanding / varnishing, it is hard to tell what is not brand new.

Our tailors will reupholster with your choice of fabric, velvet, PVC or genuine leather. They can replace the foam, sew a slip cover, even apply upholstery nails where there was none.

About our Materials

We have developed the right skillset to dig in a wide range of materials:

  • Solid Wood: Oak, Nyatoh, Teak, …
  • Wood Veneer: Walnut, Ash, Sycamore, …
  • High Pressure Laminates: Solid Colour, Wood Design, Marble, …
  • Metal: Stainless Steel with Hairline Finish, Powder Coated, Brass
  • Glass: Tempered, Tainted or Clear
  • Upholstery: PU and Genuine Leather, Fabric, Outdoor Synthetics
  • Accessories: Tufting Buttons, Upholstery Nails

This is only possible thanks to the support from our suppliers, who continue to provide us with great materials and systems: